Whittier Wood™ Furniture

An Oregon-based company, Whittier Wood Furniture is a family-owned and operated business that has handcrafted heritage-quality real wood furniture for 35 years. However, the family connection to wood goes back about 150 years.  It’s this continued relationship combined with a family legacy of honesty, integrity, and passion that are evident in each and every piece of furniture Whittier Wood creates.

The Oregon roots of Whittier Wood Furniture are tied to the making of furniture components out of American Alder Hardwood, a species native to the Pacific Northwest.  Alder’s beauty, fine grain and ability to mimic more expensive woods make it an excellent material for use in fine furniture.  All of the Alder that Whittier Wood uses is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program.

The company’s manufacturing business has evolved over the decades, but its commitment to their customers remains steadfast.


  • Bedroom: Pieces available include 1- and 3-drawer Nightstands, a 5-drawer Lingerie, a 2-drawer Bench, and office, storage, and 5-drawer Chests.
  • Living and Media Room:  Whittier Wood offers a variety of media bridges, dressers, chests, and consoles with various features and dimensions. All pieces feature a glazed antique cherry finish.
  • Home Office: Items available include office chests, 3- and 4-drawer desks, file cabinets, and a console desk, all with various features, dimensions, and finishes.
  • Bookcases and Wall Units: this category includes bookcases with various dimensions and features, all with a glazed antique cherry finish.  Also available are a Seagrass basket and a book connector.
  • Dining Room: A variety of chairs, tables, and seats are available, in several finishes.
Whittier Wood offers six different collections, including the Alder Collection.

To learn more about the quality, real wood furniture crafted by Whittier Wood Furniture, ask one of our design specialists.
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